5 year old figures out how the world works


“I want to show you all the FGTeeV videos”

“No, I’m not going to watch all FGTeeV videos”

“Okay, I want to show you one FGTeeV video”

Getting his way:

“Mom, please?”

“No. stop asking”

“Moooom give in to my whining”

Life Goals:

(to his cousin) “I am going to make movies when I’m big and you are going to be in them. Both of them!”

Monday Mornings:

“It’s easy to get in bed, but it’s hard to get out of bed”

On not wanting to go to school:

“I think I’m home sick”

The passing of time:

(talking to his cousin) “…and then I will be ten, just like you!”

“When you are ten, I will be fifteen. And when you are fifteen I will be twenty. I will alway s be older than you”

“Yes…and you will die before me”

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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