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Stories are an essential part of our lives. They have the power to create, or recreate the world we live in moment by moment. Everyday objects play key roles in the stories we tell, and those tales appear to be endless. …

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Did you find yourself in an absurd situation? Did you witness an improbable sequence of events? Did you see some sweet karma being dealt out? Do you have a story that starts with the words I swear, I am not making this up?
I know you do. We all do… presents

The editor’s picks for this first ever edition of Hinged are:

Curtain Call by Varey Tales

Casting My Spell by Stuart James

Curtain Call by Terrye Turpin

Other wonderful submissions for this prompt:

Where Fame Shines by Rana

The Elusive Dame Sydney by Angelique Redwood

Acting the Maggot by John Tinney

Everyone Thought He Was Dead by Louise Foerster

Stranded Center Stage by Paul S Markle

Clover by Tre L. Loadholt

The Fifth Ballerina by Stefani Vader

One of the things Sallie liked about her work; it was within walking distance from her apartment. That saved her a lot on gas and parking fees. When her car had broken down a year ago, she hadn’t even bothered to get it fixed. …

Aura Wilming

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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