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A toast, to the long shots that didn’t quite hit the mark.

Here’s to the overreachers, to the ideas that didn’t work out, the failed experiments, the courage to step up to the plate and strike out.

Here’s to the spirit of ‘screw it, I am going to do this anyway’.

I love them. I might love them even more than successes. I love looking at a thing and seeing what the creator was trying to do, and seeing how they just didn’t manage to do it.

The little engine that almost could.

I might feel awe when faced with a success. I might marvel at the genius. But there’s nothing after that. The thought is finished, the story is has an end. No ‘what if’.

A beautiful failure on the other hand, is inspiring. The idea is there. But it’s not finished. It needs more thought. It needs more work. There’s untapped potential waiting for the right perspective, the right mind or mindset, to come along and pick it up and run with it. I’m not sure if it matters if this comes from the original creator or someone else.

A beautiful failure will get me thinking about ‘what if’. It will create ideas. Even if those ideas have little, sometimes even nothing, to do with the original idea. That’s where the love comes from.

A lot of successes have been based on beautiful failures.

I feel the world owes a tremendous debt to those creators who dared to go public with their flawed products.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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