Are you being honest here? Have you really thought about it, or is this emotion talking? Because there are only 2 differences I can see with my life’s experience when it comes to virtual vs face to face threats and bullying.

First, virtual bullying is largely public. And therefore more visible to 3rd parties. Which naturally gives the impression it happens more often -because we all see it. Face to face bullying happens behind closed doors. Easier to hide, both by the bully and their victim. Everyone bumps into a door every once in a while, and words said without being recorded might just as well never been said.

And second, threats made in proximity are much easier to make good on. There’s less effort involved to do exactly what you said you would. Specially when you’ve not had the time to calm down.

Cowards live somewhere, too. And they don’t walk though the physical world any less of a coward than they navigate the virtual one. They are the same people. The illusion of civilization is just a better cloak than the illusion of anonymity.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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