Sometimes not as in-depth as the the instructors might like. There’s all kinds of regulations on what can or cannot be done/shown in sex classes depending on the local culture. I have a story. A slightly lewd, maybe a little shocking story *smirk*. If anyone reading this is the type to clutch pearls, better get those necklaces ready.

Old friends of mine…well… intimate acquaintances? Actually, the man is a former coworker of my ex-husband. Absolutely fantastic couple. He and his wife were (are, maybe, I lost touch in 2002 when I moved back to Aruba) instructors/ educators/ performers on different erotica and kink conventions, as well as doing private sessions and smaller classes in swinger clubs in the region. They had a few different things they instructed in, like Tantra Maithuna (note: pretty sure this version was diluted and maybe even sacrilegious, but I have to admit, pretty intense) Their passion though, the thing that drove them to come out on national television, was an electric-dildo chair. See, this chair used electrode stimulation, at a very low ampere — not dangerous at all, and dialed in on a woman’s personal frequency, it reportedly gave the best orgasms ever. They couldn’t use it for public education live shows in the Netherlands. It wasn’t allowed.

I haven’t seen (or tried) the chair myself because they kept it in Austria. I’ve heard it described in detail though. And of course, seen it on TV when they ‘came out’ on Sex Voor de Buch as the only way of spreading their knowledge in the Netherlands. I found a clip on Youtube, it’s a compilation: the part about the couple I’m talking about starts at 11:52. Kind of endearing how nervous they are right there. Instructing at erotica conventions is one thing, going national is another.

Anyway, the thing about giving lessons in anything sex related — from the most vanilla basics to the most hardcore kink — is that they won’t get attended by the sort of people who need them the most. The people who do attend, are those who already place a high value on exploration and giving pleasure. People who might not need any lessons to be good lovers, but want to learn new things anyway. That’s not limited to men. That’s women too. The problem isn’t just ignorance. It’s willful ignorance and selfishness. Those sort of people don’t want to learn to do better. Even if you did get them somehow to your classes, I doubt they would learn anything.

That chair of my acquaintances on TV created a lot of (nervous) laughter from the public, but no support to change the policies on what they could use in live-shows. Those who felt it was worth it to try, felt it was worth it to travel to Germany or Austria as well.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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