Why not?

Cluster B type ex-husband and father of my kids. I’d rather not give him the ammunition to be a nuisance.

I know, I know … preaching to the converted — I’m just letting off steam

This made me laugh. About 5 minutes before I read it I got the email that I was accepted into our university’s Accounting, Finance and Marketing faculty. When the inevitable second lockdown comes, Aruba will be properly ruined, and most if not all the clients the company I work for will be declared bankrupt. So I’m going to spend 4 years getting a new degree instead of directionless fretting about unemployment. The choices here were limited, but a US$ 1,142.85 a year tuition really can’t be beat.

Does the World even have a couple of years?

Fingers crossed, right? I got to continue with the assumption it has.

or is it you alone in the office?

Me and my boss at the moment. First lockdown already decimated the amount of work we got, so we’re not likely to hire anyone else soon.

“Are you kidding? Do it yourself.”

Ha. Not as often as I should, I’m afraid.

you tend to go for anime games

Excuse you, the correct term is JRPG.

Because you’re a … well, I would say developmentally arrested Millennial

Thank you, but I am a GenXer. One of the younger ones of my generation, true, but still officially GenX. That makes me developmentally arrested AND apathetic. So, whatever, man.

and pick up Fable

Fable 1 and 3 actually came out for windows, I have played those. Great games, but not all that much replay in them. Same with Overlord and others of its kind.

That’s what I enjoy in build/god games, you can play them endlessly because there’s always something you haven’t tried yet. Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 and Dungeon Master 2 are simply the best of their kind. They’ve tried to recreate the magic and failed.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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