It starts with a tiny


just inside the


It can spread fast

heart to heart

passion to passion

( Jessica Kaisk )

And lift up the dying –

the dead, rising up

the faint of heart,

allowing them room to breathe

for just one more day.

( Tremaine L. Loadholt )

Forming flames,

candlelight, candle lit

baring face, showing grace

a symphony of passions,

smelting to the core for peace.

( Ayesha Talib Wissanji )

Feel the light on your face,

Accede to warming embrace

Exhale the love, inhale the light

While running this human race

Soul sparks will rise up through the night

( Jules )

Staring in the dancing flame

I see the promise

of hope and joy, love and safety

for every person willing to light their own

and pass the flame on to others

(Aura Wilming)

up next, Sean Howard

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