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Dear Medium,

I have never had a relationship where the other party work this hard for me, in vain. I feel really bad for laughing at you right now because you are so damned sincere about making me happy.

Not too long ago I emailed you for support. I really needed to be able to send private notes on drafts submitted to the publication. The problem was this. Notice anything?

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Yes, no private note option. Annoying. Some days it would work, some days it wouldn’t.

Then today, I get this:

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Hey, look at that! Private notes. Awesome.

Only, you over compensated. Now Private notes is the only option I have. Hey, this works for me. It really was the only option I needed. Other users might not be as pleased. That was funny, but I thought I should send you this screen grab anyway.

What really got me laughing was your reply.

We’ve had a bug that we’ve managed to squash, and looks like it worked! Thanks for letting us know!

Oh, dear Medium, you will get there.

Some day, you’ll get there.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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