it was unexpectedly pleasant — thankyou

Don’t be too flattered. I am a Whovian. Combined with your avatar, I could be calling you a stone monster that tears people to shreds as soon as they blink.

Oh, right, it’s you…I suppose you’d take that as a compliment, too.

You’re welcome

Are you calling me a wan …?

Entertaining yourself, here, on Medium. And strangely enough, “entertaining” isn’t the word I most associate with the activity you seem to have associated it with.
But you know, I could call you a wanker, if you want.

You’ve drawn the same conclusion as me, eh?

Not sure on this? You did repeatedly tell me you like poking people with a stick to see how they dance. But seeing your previous comment, we might be having different definitions of the word “stick” in mind. In which case you want to replace my “disinfect” with the words “wrap up”. Most disinfectants sting.

You’ll have to translate that one for me

No, I don’t. But I’ll humour you. “that thing — your stick — is nasty in the worst way.” (You’ve been poking some distasteful people)

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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