So, you’re implying that I’m an evil man, is that it?

Evil is a strong word, isn’t it?
Do I think you’re the bearer of light, the son of morning, the most beautiful and most admired of all the angels?
Probably not. :)

But if anything I write here can provoke you, I can’t call you good.

And I know there are plenty of others like me … perhaps I’m a bit more inclined to be generous and self-sacrificing than many, but I’m far from the only one — see others do the same as me.

I’m not going to deny that. But you and people like you are far from the majority. And I bet you’ve seen that too.

I’m also betting that, because you claim to be an outsider and don’t feel much like part of the group anyway, it’s easier for you to do what you feel is right. In general, humans follow the group.

You could, yes … but you’d be talking nonsense, wouldn’t you?

Oh, I don’t know about nonsense. But I would certainly be parroting ideas on a topic I did no research on myself. Since we’re communicating on the modern wonder of the internet, I’ll put up a link for you.

We are not all the same — some of us are lower than vermin — and do not have the same motivations for our behaviour.

Um. You’re not suggesting that either people are charitable, or have a personality disorder, are you?

Most people are just humans. Humans are kind of nasty, but that doesn’t mean they have a disorder. I don’t think the biggest part of human behavior has any motivation. It’s simply triggered, on auto pilot. Anytime you stand and wonder “Dude, what were you thinking?” the most likely answer is that they weren’t thinking at all.

There’s people so afraid of their own thoughts, they would rather shock themselves than sit alone for a couple of minutes. And that’s a significant percentage of the population.

I’ve come to accept that people in general don’t think. Not because they can’t but because they don’t like it. Why else would conversations like this be an exception rather than the norm, even on a platform where the general user is significantly more eloquent than the general population?

I can’t blame them for that, anymore than I would blame my cat for behaving like a cat. It’s just the nature of the creature.

And are you Caucasian, by any chance?


Have a decent income?

It covers my needs.

Can afford time off in the first place,

My employer is required to give me time off by law.

let alone a holiday?

:) Just because flying is more common around here doesn’t mean I do it all the time. Last time I flew was 2010 and yes that was also my last holiday at some location other than home.

I have a hard time finding sympathy for the “but I live in a remote area” argument.

For the fact that air travel is more common is some people’s lives than others, which might not be directly related to how much luxury they have in their lives? *confused look*

Don’t live on the side of a volcano. Don’t live in the middle of the desert. Don’t live in the arctic wastes. Don’t live somewhere where the wildlife will eat you or poison you. Don’t live in a remote location where a simple injury is a life or death matter.

Do you want to revise this? Because you’re kind of undermining what you’ve been trying to say here. This sounds very much like an argument for people to not help other people because they can simply choose to leave their dire circumstances.

are you part of a privileged ‘elite’ that can afford to worry about the necessity of charity

Ya, this whole discussion was about the necessity of charity…wasn’t it? And I can afford to worry about it…Because I am not worrying about filling my own needs…Because I feel they are being met…

I doubt my parents would have been in a position to worry about such niceties — hand to mouth doesn’t leave you time to contemplate abstracts such as ‘strategies’ or ‘the Future’ when you have to get by day to day and hope there’ll be food on the table some time soon … you just have to feed the kids and hope for the best you can.

Yes, exactly. If your needs are not met you can’t afford to worry about others…Wait, I’m confused now, are you agreeing with me or not?

Yes, I’m ‘quibbling’ semantics — they’re important.

Okay fine. “Self-care”. I bet you put that under self respect.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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