Evolution Selected For Religion

An Evoluntionist’s Quest To Make Sense Of The World

The creationists have a pretty solid explanation for the existence of evolutionists. Solid to their line of thinking anyway. . For those that buy into creation, there’s no arguing with that logic. It fits.

Evolutionists on the other hand, seem not to have one solid explanation for the existence of creationists. And the explanations I have heard so far, are a little embarrassing. They sound good to evolutionists when you first hear them. But really, they are not so much explanation as they are versions of a childish “they are poopieheads.”

If you are going to argue that religious people are more gullible, or less intelligent, or any other thing that seems like a bad trait to have, you are going to have to explain, at one point or an other, why there are so many of them.

By the rules of the system we claim to believe in, the one way for a trait to become dominant -or at least wide spread- in a species, is for that trait to be beneficial for the survival of the species.

And religion is something you will find everywhere humans are, in any time frame. Now I know that knowledge complicates matters, but really, the arguments against religion are not new. Philosophy has existed for millennia. I also know fear and oppression complicates matters. But you can’t make people believe things. You can make them fake it. That’s not the same.

If you believe in evolution, and you want to play by the rules of what you believe in, only one explanation makes sense; .

I can almost prove it. This is, of course, not scientific at all. If you have a better personal explanation I’d love to hear it. My proof for evolution selecting for religion is…Beatlemania. And people fainting at political rallies. And the goosebumps I get watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics. And that feeling you get hearing this song while watching this video.

I’m not religious anymore, but I know what religious experience feels like. And these experiences I just listed, are religious experiences. Even when they have nothing to do with God. That undeniable feeling that you are somehow part of something bigger than yourself, bigger than all of us combined. A feeling of energy and love and unity that’s so huge, it’s overwhelming. Ask a religious person how do they really know. They will tell you they feel it. I think they do feel it. I think most of us can feel it at some point in our lives.

I read this story recently.

Jonathan Martin sees Jesus Christ. That’s how his mind makes sense of the experience. I bet most people who were there with him, felt what he was feeling in that moment. They might not make sense of it in the same way, but I am willing to bet everything I have that they felt it.

And then today this story

John Homan doesn’t feel it. But he can recognize the religious experience as it happens around him.

It’s actually John’s story that drove me to finish this today. The draft of this story has been living in my draft folder for some time now. The words he used in his poem: “my people”. I think that’s the bottom line of it.

Is there something bigger than ourselves? I don’t know. I don’t believe so. What I do believe, is that the ability to feel these moments of profound belonging that defy reason, are vitally important to the survival of a species that is physically so weak they need to depend on numbers to survive, but at the same time so prone to violence and so quick to use, abuse and betray each other. This trait to feel religious experiences is what allowed us to make our society. Without it, we would never be able to come together when needed. We wouldn’t be able to forget our distrust and dislike for other human beings in moments of need. It’s not a coincidence that religious experiences happen more when faced with suffering. That’s when our species needs it most to pull through and survive to create the next generation.

And then afterwards, when the feeling ebbs away, but the memory of the feeling remains, and we realize that everyone was acting against what our experiences taught us about humans, logic returns and asks “What was that? Was that…God?”

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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