My November was technically a bit of a bust. I didn’t win NaNo this year. A combination of feeling too sick to sit up right, let alone write, for a couple of days, a fickle muse suffering from ADHD, life conspiring against me and robbing me of my hours in the day and a bit of sadness induced writer’s block (I’m fine, my loved ones are fine. Aruba is just reeling from some really gruesome events, which resulted in two dead children, and a parent, stepparent and grandparent in prison. It hits hard when you’re living in such a small community you feel like everyone knows everyone, and everyone is in everyone’s business…yet somehow two precious little lives could slip through the cracks.)

Those are not excuses. It’s just how life plays out. The strange thing is, even though I managed only about 15 thousand of the planned 50 thousand words, I feel so much better about this 12.5 thousand word failed NaNo than I did about last year’s NaNo that I won. And the remaining 3.500 words are on a new story I’m feeling really excited about. Not sure how long that one will be.

So yes, I failed. But I failed really well. And now that December is here, I’m expecting to get much more time to write. I’m looking forward to it.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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