First Negotiations

“…and forced emasculation” Sean added with a smirk.

“Excuse me?” Anna asked surprised. Conversation over dinner had turned to sexual kinks. She had just finished listing the things she was into or would like to try sometimes.

“Well I thought, with you giving me household chores to do…” Sean started to explain but quickly shut his mouth as he saw her expression.

“Really? Running a vacuum makes you feel less of a man?” Anna spat the words out. She could feel herself getting angry.

“No, no…” Sean responded quickly. The tone of his voice clearly conveyed he was trying to calm her down.

She put her fork down hard on the table and stared at Sean in disbelieve. “Fuck you. And now you are doing the dishes too.”

“Ooh, yes ma’am.” Sean managed to sound both humble and amused. It also reminded her they had come to an unspoken understanding to be out of their roles as long as they were eating. That did a lot more to calm Anna down than his previous attempt.

“I’ve never seen the point in that domestic slave thing. And the point of your chores were certainly not emasculation.” She said, her voice still tinted by indignation.

Sean nodded “The point was that I would find your box you did absolutely not want me to see on Sunday.” It was a matter of fact remark. He wasn’t even bragging he had figured her out.

Anna couldn’t help but smile at the memory. “I just didn’t know if you would freak. I do like you, I just didn’t want to risk it.” Sean smiled with her. She wasn’t sure if was at the memory or that he had successfully steered the conversation back to safer territory.

“That did bruise my ego a little,” Sean admitted, “but I understand. And I must say, I’m kind of impressed. You have some nice bondage gear.”

Anna felt a low heat starting in her underbelly that radiated outwards. Just hearing him say the word ‘bondage’ turned her on. She wondered how she could let him know she was dying to use some of that gear on him without sounding too eager. They both reached for their wine glasses.

“Just one little question,” Sean said before he brought the glass to his lips, “No ball-gags?”

“Hell no, I want to hear you scream.” Anna replied without thinking.

Sean chocked on his wine. Anna cringed and felt her heart drop. She kicked herself for just blurting out a statement like that. It had probably been a step too far. “Are you okay?” she asked concerned.

He was nodding, his face now bright red. “Yeah, I’m fine” he managed to croak between coughing fits. Anna wanted to jump up and pat him on his back, but she sat frozen in place, horrified at the turn dinner had taken. She was sure Sean would now make his excuses and leave.

After a couple of seconds Sean coughing lessened and then stopped. His face was still red. Anna cautiously started hoping his color had not come as a result of chocking, but that he was blushing. Anxiety and hope were a burning lump in her throat. She noticed she was actually holding her breath.

Sean cleared his throat while he stared at his plate. “Sorry…That um…” he cleared his throat again. His hand found hers across the table. He traced the back of her hand lightly with his index finger. Anna almost gasped. His touch was like an electric current running over her skin. When he looked in her eyes all her anxiety melted away. His eyes twinkled at her and his mouth pulled up in that impish grin that had stolen her heart from the moment she saw it. “Scream?” he asked. His eyebrows pulled up slightly.

Anna started breathing again, heavy. She wasn’t just turned on any more, she was all out horny. With a small sideways nod she had to admit she might have exaggerated a little. “Moan…Very loudly”

They stared at each other without words for a while, both exploring the possibilities in their own mind. A shiver running down Anna’s spine made her sit up straight. That seemed to pull Sean out of his daydream as well.

“I think I’m done with dinner.” Anna said. Her voice sounded a bit hoarse. As an after thought she added “It was lovely”

“Yes, Anna” Sean responded politely as he got up to remove the used plates. “Shall I refill your wine?”

“No, I had enough” Anna said, her voice once again steady and stern. An idea had formed in her mind and as she looked at Sean she had a hard time not smiling widely. “I must get myself out of these work clothes. Come find me when you are done with those dishes.”

Sean picked up on her mood. His “Yes, ma’am” sounded much more enthusiastic than obedient. As Sean went into the kitchen, Anna walked into the bathroom and started filling the tub.

“Anna?” Sean called out. He was done with the dishes. And had already looked for her in the bedroom and the guest room.

“Come in.” She called back from the bath checking to make sure only her shoulders and knees where showing above the water. The door opened and Sean came inside. She was flattered to hear a small whimper to escape him the moment he laid eyes on her.

“You know, we should talk about tonight first” Anna said trying to keep her voice as even as possible.

“Here? Now?” Sean asked incredulous.

Anna gave him a questioning look. She had not expected him to react like that. She honestly did not see the problem. Sean folded his arms over his chest and leaned against the door. “It’s not exactly fair to negotiate a scene if you’re in front of me naked.” he said a little accusing. “Not that I don’t appreciate the view, but my attention is kind of divided.”

Now it was Anna’s turn to sound incredulous: “I’m completely covered!”

“Yeah, by bubbles.”

She smirked at him “Oh, don’t act like you have no self-control. That sort of thing doesn’t fly with me.”

“It’s harder than you might think…” Muttered Sean, his eyes gliding over her and the bathtub.

Anna giggled and let herself slide a little lower into the water, exposing less skin. “Alright, let me put it to you in a simple yes or no question. Do you want to have your hands restrained tonight?”

Sean, still with his arms folded over his chest slowly shook his head. “I don’t think I do” he breathed.

Anna’s heart sped up a little more. “Good,” the words came out as a whisper. She cleared her throat and continued in a louder voice “I don’t think I want you to lose use of your hands either. Come here.” She lifted one leg out of the water. “My legs need shaving.”

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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