What’re you gonna do?

First year, a bit of everything. I’m planning on a Marketing major and an Advertising and Design minor. Those are the offerings with the most psychology courses. It’s got a strong focus on “new media”, which will come in handy with The Weekly Knob.

Co-dependent parent isn’t a good look, you know

I think you misunderstood me. It’s not “yes, I will do this thing for you that you should be able to do yourself.” It’s “Yes, I will use you asking if you can have a sandwich as an excuse to get away from my desk and make the sandwich for you” — Which of course encourages them to ask more often.
This whole train of thought was not completely serious.

I take my slack time very seriously indeed

Slack time is the only time to take serious. Any other time, you are not irreplaceable. But no one else could slack for you in your stead.

there are plenty of others that you can pick up so cheaply now that you needn’t worry about replayability, you just play something else instead.

This is true. There have been so many amazing games over the years, most I’ve not played yet. I could have a new game every time I decide to play something. And cheap isn’t even a consideration since I do play on PC, and I know which release groups I can trust not to stick anything unwanted into their cracks. For some years I’ve done just that.

I still keep coming back to my 2 favorite games, specially as I got older and gaming time got more scarce. There’s no new mechanic to learn, nothing to get the hang of, like slipping into comfy old pajamas, it’s just a comfortable good time.

Besides, before I pick up a new (old) game I need to beat a They Are Billions Peacefull Lowlands survival map game on 60% difficulty — I always get to the last day but I just can’t hold the line.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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