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  • Foyin Ejilola

    Foyin Ejilola

    writing and being.

  • Roshan Singh

    Roshan Singh

    Young Passionate Writer. Unique Pitch of Writing. Cricket Lover.

  • Lynda Coker

    Lynda Coker

    I write about a better world, a better life, a better me — attitudes and actions that matter, then — I write to breathe. Oh, and I make up stories too.

  • Shir


    Opening up has never been one of my strongest suits but at least by writing I can express myself without the fear of being judged......Totally unrelated, smile.

  • Nick Bateman

    Nick Bateman

  • Subo


    damsel in distress lookin’ for a sword.

  • Jodi Tandet

    Jodi Tandet

    recovering em dash overuser writing about mental health, dating, pop culture & other oddities — all with humor + Hamilton references //joditandet.strikingly.com

  • Erik Smith

    Erik Smith

    Are you tough enough to be kind ?

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