For those who do not know:

In the draft, if you click the 3 dots, there is a “revision history” where you can see what has been changed. Any edits made can be found and I think reversed there, but I have not yet needed that. Personally (and feel free to contradict me on this) I think a note on the draft “I have edited” would be enough to notify a writer, so they can reply “looks great” or “dafuq did you do?”

As for what to edit, (again feel free to contradict) I think it is important to read for meaning. As long as you keep the message of the author authentic, I doubt you can really do much damage. Isn’t this the “edited for clarity” notice you sometimes see with letters in some magazines?

And of course typos and homonyms….I had a determent/determined mix up today, but then it got highlighted before I caught it so I left it as is lol. On a thread about English not being my mother tongue it seemed fitting :)

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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