Ha. I think they do forget. Around here, architects reaction to rainfall is: “Water? Falling out of the sky? What is wrong with this planet?”

Granted, Aruba gets very little rain. It even gets very little rain compared to the other islands in the Caribbean. But when it does rain, it tends to rain really hard in a short period of time. And consistently throughout the island, there are problems processing the rain fall.

This was Sunday morning. No hurricane anywhere near, just heavy rain for a night.

That dark part between the plants and the tiles, is at least 20cm lower than the rest of the patio, and about 50cm wide — wider than that still in some places. It’s supposed to channel the water from the back yard, past the house, trough the front yard out into the street. It works perfectly, it just got overwhelmed on Sunday. We’re lucky the house is on top of a little hill. Come 2 pm, the water was gone and all was back to normal for us.

But people here are building walls around their property, and they don’t put holes in them. At a lot of places, the water has no where to go, but into the house.

That will happen every couple of years, and people will panic for a month or so. And then they will forget all about it.

I would feel better if I could say it was just property owners who display this lack of planning. Sadly, this was our newly renovated airport this Sunday.

The airport is right at the beach. Planes come in over the water right before touching down on the runway. There is absolutely no reason why the airport should get flooded, had they just allowed the water a way to run off into the ocean.

The irony here is that building codes are such that all buildings are able to withstand those 180km/h winds you mentioned. Only, we never get those winds. Hurricanes all pass North of us. The south side of a hurricane is the calm side. We get hurricane winds maybe once a century.

But the water, they just don’t learn to cope with the water.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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