Happy day, I have use for this post again.

Hey, do you watch American Gods? If you don’t then it’s worth it just for the opening cinematic

The episodes are very artfully shot as well.

Anyway, episode 7 dealt with a Irish immigrant and faeries. A Leprechaun in particular. (I just surprised myself by spelling Leprechaun correctly on my first try.) If this thing is accurate — and I suspect it is, because I have heard/seen similar things before — one of the things people who believe in faeries do, is put a bowl of milk or cream in the window.

What’s up with that?

Why a bowl?

Almost all representations of faeries I have ever seen, are some degree of humanoid. There’s some disagreement over the size of them, but they mostly have hands. So what the hell is everyone doing putting out a bowl, as if for a pet? Isn’t that incredibly insulting? What are they going to do with a bowl? Bathe in it?(if tiny) Pour cereal in it? (if closer to human size) Why not put out a cup? Or a thimble? No wonder these faeries are known to get nasty. People who don’t believe deny they exist, and those who do believe are treating them like dogs. I’d pull some pranks as well, if that were me.

(small edit, it was episode 7. Not 8. )

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