So, watch your step and don’t provoke me

Here you go, since you’re no where close enough.

Good men don’t get provoked. They do what they do because it’s right, not because they were angry. Isn’t that the whole point of your quote? :)

You’re missing the point … if we’re going to be spending time, resources and energy on either of them, which do you suppose is the more important one?

To any one person, the preservation of self will always be the more important one.

You do acknowledge self-preservation trumping convictions in the case of skinhead, but then ask of the people in general to let convictions trump self-preservation. I am not so sure this is a good thing. It can be done, but only with heavy conditioning and manipulation. Throughout history the people doing the heavy conditioning and manipulating have not been very altruistic towards the whole of the planet. That sort of power is more likely to create suicide bombers than a doctors without borders surgeon.

everywhere you go, it’s always the poor who give the most, not the better off.

Yes. My point. The poor have a different perspective on ‘needs’.

You’re seriously using air-travel safety measures as your example?

I am, I am talking to you. I was fairly sure you’d understand the concept of providing for your own oxygen first, so you don’t pass out trying to provide oxygen to those around you. It was a way to bring the message in a single sentence. But I see you’ve chosen to ignore it because air travel is a luxury.

So I suppose I should have made up a story about a parent eating food, even though their children would like to eat more, just to keep their strength up to go to work and provide more food for the next day…

It’s the same concept.

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