Hey guys, this is getting spooky, could you please stop it?

A few days ago I put in a mail that I would look into how to manage a pub, and when I log back into Medium, There’s Elizabeth Toby writing a story all about how to make a publication look awesome.

Then I say to myself I need to continue my fiction story this weekend, which needs a little research, and I get home and here Are a bunch of BDSM tagged Stories in my feed. Just what I needed

(okay so that I just discovered and started following K.L. Williams might have something to do with that. But still…)

Oh, did you know, I am reading and writing in English which is not my native tongue, Have a visual arts background, both sketched and modeled nude and am in love with a British man? Take a wild guess what some of the topics of Giulia Blasi awesome novel on Wattpad are.

(Do check it out, even if you don’t identify as closely as I do. It has really hooked me)

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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