Hey Jay, good to see you back at The Knob. And a very happy 2018 to you.

We’ve made a couple of changes to how the prompts are published. They are now out on Saturday, just before we publish the stories of the week. This gives the people who have little time during the week the weekend to write. Deadline has been moved to Thursday. So that comes down to one extra day for writing compared to the classic setup.

I don’t use the app, so I can’t tell if it’s as hard to find as you say, but the prompt should be linked first thing on our homepage. It’s the link with the gif of Aragon throwing open the doors. It should also have the last spot in the “current edition” section on the homepage, since it gets published before all the new stories. Or you could bookmark this page; it will be updated every Saturday morning

As soon as a prompt expires, the word “prompt” will be removed from the title and the featured imaged will be changed to whatever the prompt was. So if you see the familiar black and white hand turning a door knob, you know you have the current prompt.

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