Hey KimBoo. Can I sit next to you for a moment? I need to get something off my chest.

First off, I hear you. I’m right with you on “why me?” It’s unfair and makes no sense at all. I happen to know what my body needs to be slim. I need to breast feed. Seriously, when I was breast feeding my excess weight melted like snow for the sun. I looked and felt great, damn it. So for me to keep looking and feeling great, I’d have to milk myself like a fucking dairy cow. How’s that for humiliating? Not happening, of course. But I’d love to get an official explanation on that one.

Second, I’m a little shocked at people not realizing you’d lash out at comments on a story that starts off, in the title, with “Why I Am Angry…” *looks around* You guys, you really did not see this coming? Hurt and anger will make anyone lash out. Come on, we all know this. It’s a perfectly normal, sane reaction. From a perfectly normal, sane person. Let’s stop with implying she’s anything but.

Now the reason I jumped in here, at this point, is because community. Medium has a community, where people will stand up and speak out against perceived wrongs committed to one of its members. I think I’ve seen you do it, too. It sucks like nothing else to be on the wrong end of the community standing up. To see these people you thought were part of your tribe pile on hurt on top of the hurt you already had. I’m not going to comment on how justified anyone was/is for standing up. What I am trying to say, is that this is overall a good thing. That’s hard to hear right now. This one time community didn’t work out for you; I imagine to feels devastating. You yourself mention you lost trust.

But the other nine times out of ten, community will feel really good. And that’s why we’ll keep jumping in on things that’s none of our business. Not because we don’t care about the hurt of our members but because we do. And I hope you’ll keep doing it too. All these people who you feel have turned against you now, would jump in and come to your defense if they perceived the wrong to be committed against you.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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