Hi, mind if I jump in here?

I’d like to point out Medium shows conversations now under stories. It’s a nice recent change. So while I appreciate you wanting us to have all the facts, it’s no longer necessary to copy from posts because these sort of exchanges no longer exist of confusing ‘each story is it’s own story’ click trails :) It will go a long way towards building a strong community.

Speaking of community, I always had the impression you and Heather were building and supporting a community. I think it would be a shame to trash that over a few old stories and a miscommunication.

So Heather should not have removed stories from CG to place in a other publication, because Medium rules and she admitted she should have posted links. But did you read the line “Pull it. Pull it from here and say Yes!” correctly?

Because to me she was saying something different than you made of it. “here” was in my mind “Femmes”. “It” was in my mind opinion pieces written for “Femmes” ready to be pulled up anytime someone asks for a opinion of a woman. Not pulled out of any other publications. The only problem I see is it’s a bit overly optimistic. Of course I could have read it wrong as well.

There’s no shame in each of you going your own way, these things happen and are sometimes the best things to happen. It just seems you are doing it in a hostile way and that is a shame. I’d like to see Medium build more support and community, not tear it down.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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