Hm. I think we’re mostly reaching the same conclusions, just approaching it from different directions. Personally, I don’t think I could appreciate the self-control it takes to keep the beast in check if I couldn’t admire the raw power of the beast itself. You’re right that the raw beast isn’t appealing but then, pure intellect without beast wouldn’t be very appealing either. I’ve encountered a couple of intelligent people who gave off that “would never harm a fly”energy, and they are boring as hell.

Also, the mind over matter examples you bring up are very much the higher mind guiding the power of the beast. Unless you meant you were lifting the truck off the baby with a lever or something, it will be the hormone fueled fight instinct that will allow you to move the thing. The higher mind is just there to ensure you’re not running around it in a panic, screaming at it, or giving up when your muscles protest.

Use them, abuse them, make them feel cheap?

Um, “make them feel cheap”is quite a leap. There’s nothing appealing about that and using has noting to do with it.

There’s only one thing as unsatisfying than a lover who only takes, and that’s a lover who only gives. Give and take, and mister “that good in bed”…you know that, don’t you? Well anytime you take, you’re using. Using with consent and using in a way your lover enjoys, but still using. So this “doesn’t appeal to me” is dishonest. Of course it does, and you’ve repeatedly said as much. You’d probably use a different word, but we’re not arguing semantics here ;)

What’s the abuse about? Abuse should not be in any sort of relationship. When it does appear the relationship is toxic and should be brought to an end. (I’m aware that often takes much more work than it should) Abuse is never appealing.

Since we’re not-arguing-semantics, I have to disagree with you on the idea gentlemen are per definition subordinate or children. In fact I feel those who can’t or refuse to move through society by keeping to the basic rules of that society, are the children. We are social animals after all. Keeping to social scripts is a basic survival skill every individual should possess to function within that society. Being rude or antisocial isn’t sexy. That’s simply throwing a tantrum.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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