No, but it was amusing

Hm. It’s been going “viral” on streaming platforms. I had this expectation you’d at least be aware what the latest fad was.

what are these e-girls/e-boys

Just the latest incarnation of goth/emo/scene, but for the generation that grew up with smartphones and social media. Not to shit on any of the movement, mind you. I actually like a lot of the aesthetics associated with it. The teens just get a little too serious about it.

Explain, please.

It’s a simple, cartoon graphics, multiplayer gamification of the 1982 movie “the thing”.

There’s ten players, most of which are crew mates, who then have to perform science-ish tasks all across a map. One or two are impostors who go around sabotaging systems and killing people. When a body is reported, either by a crew mate or self-reported by the impostor, everyone goes into a meeting screen where the crew mates try to figure out who did it and the impostors try to put the suspicion on someone else. After a set time of discussion, everyone can vote for whatever player they want (or skip the vote) and the player with the most votes gets ejected into space or dropped in a lava pit or something similar.

You can only talk with each other during the meetings.

Crew mates win if they finish all their tasks or vote out all the impostors.

Impostors win if they kill enough people so that there’s only as many crew mates as impostors left. Some system sabotages will kill everyone onboard/at the station if not fixed in time, which is also an impostor win.

Here’s a clip of Corpse playing as impostor to give you some idea. Keep in mind that the crew mates would just see his name as white during the meetings.

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