I can see this. The movie is clear in my head.

Well Adjusted Batman has taken to saving people, not saving a city. He opens his home to some tourbled homeless youths while they wait for openings in the various government programs designed to get their lives back on track. He enjoys the kids gratitude over such a cool place to crash. But then, when Well-Adjusted Batman comes home from helping fix the roof of the orphanage one day, he finds the youths gone and his mansion ransacked and all valuables missing. The Joker and Two Face rush to his side, to comfort him and assure him he didn’t fail anyone. Sometimes people sabotage themselves and can’t recognize a good thing when they have it. Then they take him out to get really really drunk. And as he cries on their shoulder about how those kids are throwing away their future, the Joker and Two Face exchange a uncomfortable look. They make sure Well Adjusted Batman gets in his bed safe and as they walk out The Joker asks Two Face “Think he will be allright?”

“Oh sure,” Two Face replies, “He’s the most well adjusted guy I know.”

The Next morning well adjusted Batman wakes with renewed sense of purpose. There are too many people who are just too ill adjusted for their own good. He needs to find them and show them the error of their ways. They will become well adjusted. Just like him. He is the best person to teach them. All of them. Whether they like it or not. They will find peace and happiness and purpose. He will make them find peace and happiness and purpose. It’s for the greater good.

His eye twitches.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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