I do pity those creatures so enslaved by their primitive ‘lizard’ brain, they are forced by such an emotional need to perform sex acts they don’t even intellectually want to have. That must be one hell of a way to live. Meanwhile the majority of the human species, woman and men alike, have evolved to override their animalistic tendencies until such times it suits them intellectually as well.

Of course then you go and destroy your own argument. By “humbly” submitting (I’m arrogant enough to admit there’s not one thing humble about throwing your opinion online for all to read. I think it’s worth reading, that’s why it’s up here) that “sex-as-aspect-of-committed-lifelong-partnership” is worth having. You must have read over the part where I state there’s only one man I want to have sex with and I have to hop on a plane to have it, since he’s not here. It’s okay. It must be really hard to pay attention to a story where this traditionally extremely private thing is mentioned over and over and over.

I did raise an eyebrow at the assumption that pleasing my partner is not something I want to do. I do have to remind myself that we all see the world through the lens of our own experiences, so I will just say; I am very sorry you’ve only encountered selfish lovers for you to conclude this to be outside the realm of wants.

But then you go on to compare partnered sex to parking the car, administering first aid, comforting a bereaved friend. Good God, man. Those weren’t just selfish lovers, those must have been horrible. Kuddos to you that you’re even still willing to have partnered sex. If I ever got to a point my mind dragged up comforting bereaved friends as comparison to sex I would have limited myself to my own hands for life. That’s some awe inspiring faith and optimism.

In closing, we are talking about a slightly different side of judgment. I do, as is very obvious, judge potential sex partners as worthy or unworthy. What I will not judge is people preferring vanilla sex, or being tied up, or being spanked, or wanting foot-jobs instead of hand-jobs, or getting freaky in a tub of baked beans. With one person or with ten people. Whatever does it for you. As long as everyone involved wants the same thing, it’s all good. (Even if you end up fumbling or failing to curl toes. Practice does make perfect.)

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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