Yeah, I got a bit carried away, didn’t I?

I don’t mind in the slightest, it‘s an interesting read.

There’s nothing you’ve accused me of in this thread I had not already wondered about myself. If I had to boil what you’ve said down to a sentence or two, it would read “yeah, tests in psychiatry are not without faults, but they work better than the media would have you believe, and we do try to keep improving upon them.”

I have taken the dark triad test floating online, both the 12 and 27 questions variants, probably not official ones tho. I consistently score low on those. That’s one of the reasons I really don’t mind if you keep insisting I’m a sociopath. I’ve already put my mind at ease on the topic.

By the way, how does —

Should someone who never advanced beyond the ‘terrible twos’ and is self-centred be locked up? Sure, they can be annoying (like the HPD types) but, so long as they don’t take advantage of others or do them down (like the ASPD types) then, what justification is there to say they represent such a danger to others that they ought to be incarcerated?

— and —

it inherently implies there is some, if not benign then at least inconsequential, form of NPD — which, whilst I’m not denying the possibility, there really isn’t in the large.

— reconcile in a coherent opinion?

You’re not turning trying to lawyer me, are you?

So they could exist, but honestly, they don’t. Not really. Kinda like how people have their recreational meth use under control, huh?

So, what you’re saying is ‘Yes, you’re right, I have a talent for getting inside people’s heads and I exercise it almost constantly, but I have an excuse/it’s not what you think.” Not gainsaying my argument at all, just trying to convince me there’s nothing alarming about it.

No. No, what I am saying is Yes, you’re right, I have a skill (regardless of natural talent) for getting inside people’s heads and I exercise it almost constantly, but I spent a lot of time and deliberate effort honing that skill.

I don’t really care you might find it alarming, but I’m not going to sit here and let you insinuate it came easily or by accident. It took work, damn it, and a bit of appreciation of said work would be nice.

I wonder what you’d come out with, if I caught you in bed with another man — or woman (or even both, for that matter). I’d love to see you try and talk your way out of that one — it’d no doubt be very creative!

Eh. Before or after yelling “What the fuck are you doing in my house?”

You keep writing me into these scenarios, Angel, and anytime I point it out you keep insisting I am the pervert.

But since I am a pervert, I’d be much more likely to try to talk you into the situation than myself out of it.

In what tone of voice was it said?

Really? After your restraint, sarcasm and relief I won’t keep going on…you hit me with this? And now I’m supposed to do a 50 words or less instead of 50 page explanation? When there’s over 350 hours of story telling leading up to it?

Reassuring. It was said in a reassuring voice. Because if the bad man tried to hurt the wizard again, the other 6 members of the adventuring party would make sure it was the last thing the bad man ever did. The moment just had more impact because it was the quasi-pacifist, who always searched for the non-violent solution first, who said it.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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