I’ve noticed women observe a man with lust without ever having spoken to him

I don’t need to speak with him, just hear him formulate a thought. Or as was the case with my current partner, see him write it out. I can lust after people who wouldn’t even know I’m alive, because i was able to see an attractive mind.

Since you like putting in movie clips for illustration, here’s mine. This clash of the minds is pretty much porn.

And now that I think about it, neither one has much meat on them. Ha.

Predator in sexual context has too many negative associations. The term is “hunter”. And yes, I can be the hunter. I can also be the prey. Depends on the mood.

Describing primal isn’t easy, specially to someone who might not get it. Primal is animalistic. It’s easy to get it confused with bestiality. Or even pup-play. I’m not ruling out overlap for some people, it’s still a different thing. I suppose you’ll understand when I say it’s all about the rising ape part of being human. A celebration of being a mammal with a lizard brain.

Primal for me, is about the contrast. It’s about either giving up the higher functioning mind willingly, or even more fun, making someone’s higher functioning mind loose control of the body.

But regardless of which side of a person I’m admiring, the higher functioning mind, or the lizard brain, I’m still not considering them “things”. An animal is not a thing. I’m not opposed to using a person once in a while but there needs to be at the very least evidence of a fight or flight instinct. “Things” don’t have that.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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