:) I don’t often run into translation issues, but for the one story I felt like I should share I am not sure how to translate some dutch words. Pretty sure it will end up having no real translation, like ‘gezellig’.

Okay different one. Our library focuses on local Caribbean writers, or Dutch writers who spend time in the Caribbean. This was a writer who spend time in the Netherlands and then came back to Aruba, writing about how he was suddenly seen as ‘Macamba’ (lit: slave driver, used for people from the Netherlands) because he picked up some strange habits. Which included asking for his beer to be poured in a glass with a bit of a foam head. The locals here prefer no foam and the girls behind the bar learned to pour without foam. Just one of the many little things that set him apart from ‘his people’ after returning. Told by the author after, he would always be served quickly because the girls liked pouring his beer.

I’ve forgotten the name of the writer, (Google wasn’t much help)but this beer story has been with me since I learned about it at 16.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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