I’m sorry but J.K. Rowling just ain’t that great an author

I have to agree. I have never been able to get into Harry Potter. But, there’s just no arguing taste.

Anything but either of the first two …they’re dreadful!

Hahahaha. Are they? As someone living in a tourist spot I did enjoy them very much. Of course they aren’t as good as the rest. They are the first. The only entertainment where the first are the best, is in movies (not really sure why).

If you found them dreadful, I assume they weren’t the first Discworld you picked up. Where did you jump into the series? My first Discworld book was Carpe Jugulum. I noticed a copy at a garage sale and the art on the cover made me spend 0.50 and take it home. That was probably the best money I have ever spend.

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