Oh, you didn’t take any of my ‘accusations’ seriously, did you?

I honestly didn’t. Not only do we have precedent for this sort of banter, but you have made your distaste of cluster B personalities very clear. I wouldn’t think you’d spend so much time responding to me had you really thought I was one of them.

But I’ve also said that I’ve been victimized before. I assumed you know that projecting is part of the mindfuck and I think there was a slight shift in tone after I mentioned that. I was saying the joke didn’t fall flat.

I almost wrote “I’ve been accused by worse men than you, and they were wrong, too.” I suppose I should have kept that.

whilst, undoubtedly unpleasant, merits incarceration

So you were lawyering :)

Don’t come it with me, sweetheart … we both know I complimented you and you’re pleased as punch about it

Yeah but this thing doesn’t really work if I don’t at least pretend to take it seriously(-ish)

I’m not the only one with buttons to push … nor are you the only one adept at finding and pushing them

Ya, that’s the “thing” I was talking about lol.

Yes … I’m flink and flexible and can switch, elegantly, from from one topic and tone to another with ease — I may be an essayist rather than a storyteller, but that doesn’t mean I am clodhoppingly inelegant about it. Do keep up.

Meanwhile we’re 6 exchanges into a separate thread. That’s on you, dear.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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