I hope you’re not suggesting a group is defined by the discrimination it received and true membership only based on the hardships the members have encountered in life.

I really do hope that it was the process of wanting to point out the irony that gave this piece this slightly off suggestion that the experience being a woman begins and ends with experiencing sexism and the experience of being black begins and ends with experiencing racism. Because if that really is the case, then in that train of thought everyone trying to make the world a better place is working to erase identity.

And I really do hope no one is envisioning a world of bland clones as the true harmonious society we aim for.

For what it’s worth, I think “Black and White” is just as much a social construct as “Man and Woman” is, with the same sort of biological technicalities as default setting. I actually know people who are transracial in essence except for the use of the word. That happens a lot in the Caribbean where racial lines are much more blurred than they appear to be in the USA. Or maybe we should consider them racial fluid.

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