I kind of hope Medium will/does make a shit load of money. This product they have put out is amazing. Yeah sure, there might be some features coming that we will bitch about. Let’s be honest, as a group of opinionated and often eloquent writers, bitching is what we do best. I actually look forward to some humorous bitching, passionate bitching, insightful bitching and whatever else the writers of Medium will come up with.

Let’s take everyone’s favorite whipping horse, Facebook. It sucks. But does it suck because of the advertisements and such? Maybe a tiny bit. You know the main reason it sucks? Because people. People suck. At least, the people you feel obligated to have on your Facebook suck. And that’s a real problem, feeling obligated to have people on your Facebook, because if you didn’t they would give you shit over it.

Medium, for now, attracts a different crowd. Considerably less sucky and in many cases plain great. If somehow Medium can keep that crowd to the quality they have right now, I will be happy to ignore as many advertisements as they can throw at me.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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