it’d have to be an exceptional piece for me to accepts anyone else’s use of the Discworld and its inhabitants for instance.

I love Pratchett and he will be tremendously missed. However, with Raising Steam, he has left us Discworld in the perfect state for someone to pick it up and make it their own. Even the book itself was talking about a new era that arrived before its time — Discworld is set to go steam-punk. We could have an epic technology Vs magic battle. It would be Rincewind’s wet dream :) remember how he could “see” how a camera could work and how disappointed he was there was just a little demon in it?

It will probably never happen, but I still hold on to hope. The universe is so rich it is a shame to let it go to waste.

Also, I want a Steve Jobs inspired villain.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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