If we dropped all the gender shit, stuck to the simple differences between the sexes … physiology and hormonal balance, basically … and left everything else up to the individual, there’d be no need to discuss anything and no need for a word to describe stuff nobody was discussing. It wouldn’t even be a non-issue because no-one would care enough to even think about it.

I would love this. Sadly we’re at a place in western society where we have genders and we’ll have to work from there. Yes, it could be great if everyone would just agree to just forget about genders, but that’s as likely to happen as you getting pregnant next week.

That just confuses the issue and introduces the concept of gender all over again — people start questioning why men don’t wear bras … why they shouldn’t wear bras …

Again the concept of gender is here. We need to deal with it. And the questions are good. Since I’m assuming women are in on these conversations, eventually we’ll get to other interesting questions like, why do A cups and double A cups even exist? Is a B cup even necessary for that matter? Why are women expected to wear a torture contraption for a mass that’s hardly influenced by gravity and puts negligent strain on the back? It’s like asking men to wear their protective cup when they are sitting in the office (if that’s your thing, go right ahead, but I’m assuming most wouldn’t want to)

how many girls/women are walking around saying “I’m non-binary/gender-fluid”?

That’s a matter of vocabulary. Having actually been a girl, among my friends and cousins I was a little odd being a fairly girly girl. The sentiment “I’m not really a girl” “I don’t feel like a girl” “I wish I were a boy” was pretty common. I think girls start rebelling against gender much earlier in life, because from our point of view, being a boy means much more freedom. Boys look like they are off the leash.
I know that once they hit puberty that leash comes at them with a vengeance. And by that time their female peers have about a decade of experience resisting societal pressure under their belt, while they are kind of shocked into following sudden rigid behavior rules. “Watch me” is a lot easier when you’re met with dismissive “aww, that’s cute” instead of “Oh hey, this is a problem”.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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