I’ll get back to this but a quick reply to this because it’s something I’m passionate about.

It means you felt reassured by it, it doesn’t describe the tone.

You don’t think reassuring is a tone? Yes, there’s reassuring words but it can also be a tone. I think so, anyway.

There’s a “rap battle” fan video, and while the rap isn’t great, they got the infliction in the voices down, and the general vibe of the characters. Caduceus (the character I was talking about) part starts at 2:40. I’ll try to link with the time stamp, but that doesn’t always work for me.

Doesn’t the voice sound reassuring?

And yes, the character always talks like that. And when he said that line, it was his “normal” voice.

(I wouldn’t ask you to listen to the whole video, the jokes will make no sense)

I have been looking for a clip of the actual actor that might capture the essence of Caduceus but the ones I’m thinking of aren’t on Youtube.

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