I’ll reread your essay on the IQ tests a few times, it’s interesting but there’s not much I can comment on it.

Like Tony, you mean?

I did see tony before you linked it. Twice I think. It’s an interesting premise, to be honest. But the guy presenting seemed a little bit too…I don’t know, too eager to declare Psychology bullshit, I suppose. The fact that he was clued in to Tony by an activist group also rubbed me the wrong way. Because right off the bat, he’s not going in without pre-conceived notions and there’s a good amount of propoganda going on at any given time because this group would (I imagine) only go through the trouble with the feeling the outcome would be good to their agenda. Kudos to Jon Ronson for disclosing their involvement in a TED talk though.

Cluster B disorders is that those with them do not seek to excuse their behaviour on the grounds that there is something wrong with them but that there is something wrong with others: either their victims deserved their treatment and/or their victims and accusers are hypocrites because everyone is like the perpetrator but simply lies about their true motivations in order to get ahead in Life.

True, but I stated this detour with the admittance that narcissist only seek therapy on the insistence of 3rd parties and I do believe your question was why anyone in their right mind might want to seek such a diagnosis. I don’t consider narcissists to be in their right mind by default. Because they have a mental disorder.

The rest of us, in the end, we will always have to live with ourselves. So if we want to do “bad” things, an excuse will be a handy thing to have in our pocket.

Also as far as I know, a diagnosis as NPD won’t get you locked up. Perhaps it should.

And you were playing pinball, for goodness sake — come o…o…on … nobody can be expected to have any awareness of anything else when they’re playing pinball!

Had you not already endeared yourself to me, this would have done it :)

Now ask a narcissist about what makes others tick.

In my experience they lie by default. So their answer would be meaningless to me.

Or a borderline about why people behave as they do.

I have not had the pleasure to know any confirmed borderline people. Those I expect to be borderline would start a rant how everyone is either jealous of them, out to get them, or hates them for some arbitrary reason.

An aspergic/autist

They have no clue? Isn’t that the first sign of the Autism Spectrum, they just can’t understand why people react the way they react?

Your stories are character driven, not ones in which the characters are simply there to drive the plot along. You can’t be drawing on yourself for every one of the characters you describe, you have to be watching and understanding other people too. And you do it (disconcertingly) well.

Thank you :) I am very happy to read that. You basically told me that my stories are more Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight than Tim Burton’s Batman and while I do adore Tim Burton, his movies are much more driven by the world and atmosphere than the people that inhabit it.

This sort of praise really gets me. Because the truth is, I do write most my characters with the thought “Okay, if I was the sort of person who…” in mind and I do struggle with the fear that I write one sided.

And you’re right. I don’t draw on myself only. But that’s a choice I’ve made. Ever since I decided I am going to do this writing thing seriously, everything I see in movies and series, everything I read, every interaction with other people has turned into a bit of a character study. If I ever write a flat archetype, I will feel like I have failed. Because people are such multifaceted, fascinating creatures. I can’t see a story driven by events ever being as engaging as a story driven by character.

It’s one of the reasons I often feel side characters are so much more interesting than the protagonists in mainstream media. Protagonists are. frankly, boring blank slates for the audience to project themselves upon. That’s great if you want to self-insert. But if you want to see the world through a strangers eyes and gain new perspectives, it’s just…blah.

My latest obsession is D&D and Critical Role. because this is 8 people — trained actors so they both know how to be entertaining and know about characters — telling one story together with all kinds of different personalities and issues to bring to the (literal) table. It’s honestly been one of the reasons I have been improving in my writing lately. I’ll try not to gush too much — but to see a character who has been described as the BGF (big friendly giant) of D&D, utter the line “We won’t leave enough of him to be identified”…Just thinking about how fucked this person is…magic!.

Yeah, I know I’ve stared rambling. I’ve had two beers, I’m going to leave it here. :)

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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