I’m doing surprisingly well. I just finished a story which I wrote, for the first time, from the point of view of a man. Which was weird for me. But I think I did pretty good. — Won’t be published for a while though.

Same story, after ranting about it getting longer than I was aiming for, took a detour and turned out a) shorter and b) better than the original idea. (Thank you, to everyone supporting me and commenting to just write long stories. I appreciate it. I really needed to vent some frustration and it worked.)

I’ve got a few paragraphs to my long neglected serial in my drafts.

Still making random notes like always.

Oh, and on a side note, I’m halfway to creating a character of you Oliver. Because of the way Medium works, and the crappy internet at my home, I’ve been getting your “Why I will never be famous” story on top of the page for about 2 weeks when I log in. And it will take Medium at least 60 seconds to load in the current stories. Which I could have ignored, had that story not been topped with the large version of your profile pic. Which wouldn’t be a problem, had you not given this kind of challenging, kind of intimidating glance into the camera. Because my mind is bored that minute of waiting, it’s been trying to make a story behind it. I’ve decided that’s the look of a man playing a high stakes game of cards, who has just seen his opponent’s bet and raised him. And there’s guys with loaded guns, just out of the frame. And everyone knows things are about to go down. The game was just a cover for a confrontation anyway… I’m thinking I should try to go steam punk with this one. *snicker*

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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