Is this site run by American millennials?

I’m operating on that assumption, yes. Millennials are the twenty something young professionals now. Medium had to let a large part of their staff go a while back and it makes sense to me that the people they let go were the older, more expensive GenXers. I have no proof for that, if you were wondering. Just a general feeling.

I’m amazed I didn’t get my account closed down altogether.

Yes. Exactly.

Since you’re wondering why I thought it would be the last chance for me to get a communication in, you’re probably not taking this statement as serious as you should. Or you’re not taking Medium serious at all, I wouldn’t blame you for that.

I was hoping for a productively sensible and civilised dialogue and exploration of ideas.

Were you really?
You, sir, are an optimist.

Nothing I said was in the least bit provocative, never mind aggressive.

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Everything is an attack. Specially if you’re the better debater.

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