Perhaps there are other factors at play that are actually nothing to do with the child at all but a way for George to get back at Martha … because Daddy loves their daughter more than Mummy can

I’m sure this happens, however there’s been some studies done — I could search up the paper but that’s the sort of thing I don’t want floating around in the spy algorithms about me. Not even in incognito tabs — that said the motivation of a depressingly large part of child abusers is simply “because they can”. They are not attracted to children per see, or their own child, they are just in a position where they think they can get away with it.

Is your local governor’s hero the ‘gotta keep those beaches open and the dollars rolling in’ mayor from Jaws by any chance?

Something very much like it, yes. Aruba doesn’t have any other source of income because the refinery has been closed for years and even then the price of oil is so low it probably wouldn’t be profitable to keep it running anyway. They wanted that all mighty dollar.

When is it time to think about killing our rulers, do you suppose? How bad do things have to get before either they take the necessary steps or people turn around and re-enact the French Revolution?

As far as I can tell, the people still feel like they have too much to lose to go down that route. Backs are not quite to the wall yet. Give it a couple of years.

I mean, sure, yeah, that too … but should you even be going to Work?
Can they really not cope if you work from home?

I did work from home for a couple of months. It didn’t work out as expected. Had my situation been different, I would still be working from home. But as it stands, the office is in a very quiet area, we’ve got the door locked so no walk-in clients. Previously my office sat 3 people, 1 has been let go and the other does work from home so it’s just me here. It’s pretty much like working from home sans the interruptions and distractions.

It’s amazing how my kids remember how to operate the fridge and microwave when mom isn’t in the other room.

they’re a lot less hassle than constantly upgrading your graphics card to play the next game on your PC.

When did I last play a new triple A game…I think it was Skyrim in 2011. I tend to go for indie. That was the main reason to stick to PC for a while, indie games mostly don’t require the newest graphic cards. But then I was pleasantly surprised to see how many indie games made it onto the Nintendo store for switch.

And there’s always Sim City

Very true, but the games that will never leave my hard-disc are Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 and Dungeon Keeper 2. If I never get another game, I will still be happy playing those two for however much time I have left.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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