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Learning the Ropes part 13

Anna and Sean were still locked in their embrace when suddenly a car horn sounded outside. “Oh, it’s here,” Sean said excited and let go of Anna to walk to the door.

“What’s here?” Anna asked curiously, following him.

“My bed,” Sean explained, while he opened the other side of the double door to give the delivery guys room to carry it inside.

“You bought a bed?” she asked with a giggle. It was hardly the first thing Sean’s new place needed.

“Well, yes,” Sean answered with a goofy grin. “It was a bit of an impulse buy. I was browsing in this thrift store, looking for light fixtures and such when I saw it. I had to have it. I couldn’t risk not buying it and have it be sold to someone else.”

Anna nodded. “I know that feeling. Mostly with purses on sale though.”

“Right. Anyway, I have nowhere else to store a bed. That’s why we’re here.”

“Oh, so the bed is the surprise you were talking about.” Anna understood. Now she had gotten really curious.

As soon as Sean signed the delivery papers, three men more men got out of the cabin and walked around to the back of the delivery truck. Presumably those men made a living carrying around heavy things, they certainly looked the part. And four of them were needed to get this bed into the warehouse? Anna shot Sean a quick glance. He didn’t notice. All his attention was focused on the delivery men and the back of the truck. She took a few steps back to make room for the men to carry the bed inside and waited with interest for her first glimpse. She was not disappointed.

“Goddamn,” she mumbled in awe as the bed was carried past her.

Sean heard her. “Right?” he said happily, “I always wanted one of those.”

The bed was best described as ‘massive’. Made from wood that looked like Mahogany, darkened with age, all the planks were at least two inches thick. Fours sturdy posts towered almost six foot into the air, at least 5 inches across at their widest points. It might very well have been antique, but it didn’t have the ornamental wood carving she had come to expect from antique wood furniture. The headboard had only a gentle curve, and the poles reminded her of elongated chess pieces. A few ribs at the bottom and a knob at top. The rest was just smooth rounded wood. As the delivery guys put it down with a dull thud, the wood didn’t even vibrate with the impact. The whole thing looked rock solid. Anna had a hard time deciding if the bed was beautiful or ugly. It would certainly dominate any room it was in.

“You won’t be able to break this one,” said one of the delivery guys to Anna and winked at her.

“Yeah, I don’t think an elephant could break this one,” Anna responded, still impressed by the sheer size of the piece of furniture in front of her. She let her hand glide over one of the poles. It was smooth as glass. She noticed there were no screws or nails anywhere to be seen. She tried to wiggle the pole, no give at all.

Sean saw the delivery guy out while Anna continued inspecting the bed. It had to be custom made for someone at some point she decided. Either someone morbidly obese or some kinkster…She checked the wood for scratches and dents. Nothing. If it was a kinkster who owned the bed previously they had not been using chains. The mattress that came with it was wrapped in clear plastic and looked new.

“What do you think?” Sean asked when he got back. He was wearing his wicked grin again. Anna could feel herself melting at the sight.

“It looks really strong,” She replied, a naughty little smirk on her own lips as well, “I can see myself tying you up on this bed…”

“Hmm, want to christen it? I think I saw some rope in the trunk.”

Anna had taken Sean shirt off and made him lie on the middle of the bed, while she attempted to tie his hands to the poles with the rope he had gotten from the trunk of the car. She was struggling to work the stiff and smooth fibers into a knot that would hold. She had not wanted to admit she never used rope to tie anyone up before, preferring various styles of handcuffs or leather straps with buckles. Sean patiently let her work for a couple of minutes but when she tried to walk around to the other side of the bed to tie his right hand, she heard him sigh deeply.

“Okay, stop, stop…bicycle…”

As soon as Anna hear their safe word, she froze in place and looked at Sean, concerned. “What’s wrong?”

“I just can’t do this. This…I’m sorry Anna, this is pitiful.” Sean looked and sounded regretful. He twisted his left wrist and easily slipped his hand out of the ropes. “The point of restraints is that they would restrain me.” He sighed again. “Don’t you know how to tie a proper knot?”

Anna felt a little humiliated. “No, I don’t,” she admitted quietly, shame burning at the back of her throat.

Sean jumped up. “Come on, lie down, I will show you a couple of easy ones,” he commanded. And just like that, their roles reversed. Sean was explaining while his fingers worked the rope. Watching him do it, it didn’t look stiff at all.

“This is called a Marlin spike hitch. It’s pretty simple, make a loop in the rope, tuck the long free end in through the loop so the free end is underneath the far side of the loop.”

Anna nodded, she got it so far.

“Okay, now you stick your hand in through here,” he took her hand and slid it in the pace created between the loop and the long end, “See? You have the loop on this side of the wrist, and the long end goes over and around. To tighten you pull both ends simultaneously,” Sean demonstrated by giving a quick tug on both sides of the rope. The knot tightened around Anna’s wrist, but not to a point where it got uncomfortable. “Got it?” She nodded. “Good. Now all you need to do is tie this end here to the pole. Wrap it around the post twice like so, then I wrap this end around the rope going to your write twice, and pull this end trough this little loop right here and pull tight. And that’s it. Hand tied.”

Anna smiled and gave the rope an few experiments tugs with her wrist. The set up was comfortable enough, but she wasn’t going anywhere. “I think I got this,” she announced, pleased. She was so caught up studying the ropes, she never noticed Sean quickly and expertly replicate the Marlinespike hitch and sliding it around her other hand until she felt it tighten around her wrist.

“Hey!” she called out surprised and turned her head. Sean was tying the other end of the rope to the bed post with a small chuckle. He sat down on the foot of the bed and watched her pull on the ropes.

“This isn’t what we agreed on,” Anna said accusing.

Sean put leaned his chin on the palm on his hand, still grinning his sexy grin. “No, it isn’t,” he agreed, making no move to get her loose. He kept calmly looking at her.

Anna returned his stare with one eyebrow raised. After a few seconds she had to laugh. “You are so going to pay for this.”

“Oh, I’m sorry did you want out?” He asked with feigned innocence. “Just say the word.”

Anna snorted and then smiled. “Screw you.” She wasn’t sure what kind of game they were playing, but she wasn’t going to lose it.

“Not in the position you are in” Sean quipped.

Anna was expecting Sean to take that statement to it’s logical conclusion. But he didn’t. He remained where he was, simply looking at her. “Well,” he said after a while, “this is an interesting situation.”

“Yeah,” Anna replied, “at least this bed is comfortable.” Her mind was trying to work out what the rules were here. She knew he wanted her to give in, to say ‘bicycle’ at which point he would have to release her and …she would have submitted. Was that the play? To get her to admit he had bested her, get her to switch her mindset? If so, he’d have to do a little better than just tie her hands down. She remembered their little exchange in the car and smiled at Sean “I must say, this is the first time I risk falling asleep when a man has me tied up…”

Sean still didn’t move, but she saw his eyes narrow for a moment. Ooh, direct hit to the ego. Anna judged it wouldn’t be too hard to force his hand, just a little needling. “So what would be a correct summary of the situation then?” she asked, trying to make herself sound as bored as possible, “You got me tied up and now you don’t know what to do with me?”

She had hit her target again Anna saw, maybe she even went a bit too far. Sean’s grin was wiped off his face. In the fast fluid motion she remembered from their first meeting he was suddenly sitting on top of her, his mouth near her ear “You have no idea what I could do to you. Would you like to find out?” he asked softly.

Anna’s heart was suddenly racing. She tried to mimic the fake innocent tone he had used on her earlier when she said “What was that? Are you asking my permission?” She might had pulled it off, had she not sounded so breathless.

Sean sat up straight so Anna had to look up at him. “I have given you way too much slack,” he said threatening. He grabbed her arm next to her head, half way between the elbow and wrist. Anna gasped. She was breathing heavy now, and could feel adrenaline rush through her body. Sean opened his mouth to say something else, but could no longer keep his face straight. A laugh escaped him. And a huge smile broke out on his face. “This knot,” he explained while raising Anna’s arm off the mattress, “is only stable if you keep tension on this part of the rope. With a rope this stiff,” he stretched out her arm towards the pole and twisted it gently so her wrist moved back and forth inside the knot, loosening it. “it’s very easy to shake it off.”

Sean moved to sit on the side of the bed while Anna pulled her hand free from the ropes, too stunned for words.

“You kept pulling at it.” Sean said, still laughing.

Anna freed her other hand and then used both to cover her blushing face. She felt embarrassed and giddy. She had been bested after all. And in spectacular fashion. She joined Sean in laughing at herself. “Oh, but you’re good.” Anna finally managed to say.

Sean wiggled his eyebrows at her and beamed with pride. “And I’ve not even done anything yet.”

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