That’s not a novel

In the way that it’s one story with a beginning, middle and end. I can take the that shop stories maybe add a few and design a cover for it and I’d have a book, but it wouldn’t be a novel no matter where I stick my fingers.

How will I cope with the complexity?

I know. I’ll add some schematics to the back if it ever gets published.

Which means?

“far from my bed” …

You should know better

Indeed. Yet here I am still replying.

And you can’t think of a way to rationalise its presence as fuel.

No, I could. But when all you really need for usable coal is a tunnel and a pickaxe and to get usable diesel you need a refinery, and I already specified my tech-society as small, contained and isolated, the question becomes do I need to make another industry aside from mining, crafting, farming and gathering to this economy? Coal is also useful in kilns and forges. If I want to go more advanced than that, natural gas sounds like the more logical fuel.

There’s no reason why your society should not have developed very clever ways to redirect airflow

That will still put technology levels at “steam” — as in before internal combustion engines.

two months is hardly an insurmountable barrier, is it?

Meh, you’ll be too busy getting agitated by zoning and the people within them by day 20, to remember about my steampunk dwarfs.

a Warhammer 40K style ‘arcane lore’

Oh shit. I think I can spin a pretty neat tale, too. But I can NOT write anything even near Warhammer style lore. I’ll take my reskinned 70s sci-fi, and sit at the kids table thank you.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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