Inside scoop

Because, in a mind baffling move, you can only read the details AFTER you become a Medium Member.

People, there are 2 programs available on Medium(or they will be soon, that’s still a little vague)

There’s the Membership program which is for readers. This is what you are paying for. It gets you a nifty new home page and personally, I think the home page is worth it.

And there’s the Partnership program which is for writers. This is what you could get paid for. It gets you money if Medium buys your story. It looks like you need to pitch them before you can get into the Partnership program.

Now get this, becoming a member lets you read stuff from the partners but will not make you a partner. So you don’t pay to get paid, that was just unfortunate timing. Seriously, Ev, for a guy owning a platform which hosts some amazing writers, your communication skills are….*cough*…questionable.

So yes, there might be stories you miss if you don’t become a member. But those stories are not here yet, the first is promised in a week and it will go small and slow at first. They are going to use revenue from the Membership program to pay for the Partnership program. (Good luck people, that’s not as easy as it sounds. We’re trying it too and only very slowly getting there.)

And even when they do get here, they will be stories written specially for the Partnership program. So no pay-for-hearts pyramid schemes. Your favorite writers are still going to be writing and reading for free. That’s the bases of Medium and they promise it will remain untouched.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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