Oh, I know. An empty warehouse. Only one single metal folding chair in the middle. Right under a low hanging light fixture. We need some guy to be tied up… Daniel Craig?


No, we never liked Daniel Craig much. How about Vin Diesel? No, wait, Jason Statham. Yes, Jason Statham tied up to the metal chair, shirtless, naturally. Now we need a woman…Angeline Jolie? Nah too obvious. Oh, let’s go with Famke Janssen. One of those kitchen trolleys with “tools of the trade” and…



No. This is about punctuation. You know this, mind.

Oh come on. It’s interrobang. That word is too awesome to waste on a punctuation mark. It should totally be a scene with Famke Janssen needing to get information out of Jason Statham by any means…

No. -sigh- Don’t do this now, I’m trying to write something here.

Fine. Can I at least file the scene away for later?

No. Wait, yes. Do that. Could you please just let me write?

Metal real estate is all for writing, starting now.

…I lost my train of thought.

Interrobang. Which has nothing to do with interrogation or banging, at all.
But it should.

The (too) awesomely named interrobang is my favorite punctuation mark. One I use way too little, because it’s so hard to type. Medium doesn’t have a “insert character” function. There is probably a code for it, but I am not one to learn that sort of thing by heart. So, if I want an interrobang, I will have to open up word, insert symbol, select interrobang, copy, paste, and there it is. ‽

The interrobang is a combination of an exclamation mark and a question mark.It is perhaps my exposure to social media that created my distaste for multiple punctuation marks behind each other. It just looks a little juvenile. Look for yourself;




Doesn’t the third one just look that much better?

Interrobangs are used by cunning linguists.

Stop with the puns, please.

We love puns.

Yeah, but most people just groan at puns.

Speaking of groaning, lets get back to Famke and Jason in the empty warehouse. You made your point… Get it? Punctuation? Ellipses? Points‽

Alright, I don’t think this is going to get much better.

You’re really going to hit ‘publish’ on this piece‽

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