Is this the lens? It think it is. As I’m reading, it seems to me this is the lens I need to read through to make sense of this piece. For you, support is nice and appreciated but always optional.

Violet wrote about her lens too: addicts and the mess they leave in her wake where she is left alone cleaning up those messes. Keep the lens in mind when reading through her story; you might see the feeling about her needing our validation to be right is not completely fair — I read frustration about being put in the same situation, again, where she’s cleaning up behind others.

I wasn’t trying to be gentle. I was trying to be fair. This is my lens. For years I’ve been told I can’t communicate and have no understanding where people come from. I have a need to figure out people’s start points. Still making plenty of assumptions, I know. But I need to be fair.

I can’t agree Violet is a bully. You’re right Jennifer is a fighter, so is Violet. Clash of the titians right here on Medium. Had the Cyborg jumped in, we’d have a full out war raging. But I can’t believe anyone would have written anything with the intent of beating anyone down for the sake of it, you know?

I think the one main mistake made here, is going on the assumption that Facebook is somehow a truer representation of a person than Medium is.

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