Pratchett’s good man to his evil man.

It’s kinda the point of Pratchett that these men are the same. One just has the guarding dark. So you don’t wander around in the cityscape of your mind with a lantern, but lock it up in a prison with walls of code…Isn’t that pretty much the same thing? One could argue it’s a better thing — a sated predator is less likely to attack.

I suspect I’d have qualms but, in self defence or in defence of another, I might overcome those surprisingly quickly … and what if I found I liked it? They do say that it comes easier the second time.

That’s a rewording of Paarthurnax’s riddle: What is better to be born good or to overcome your evil nature by great effort?
I’ve always sided with the side of overcoming evil nature by effort. It implies choice. Agency. So what if you do like it? I think I’ve gotten to know you well enough to know you have little issue abstaining where and when you have made the choice it is important to do so.

Or is there the humiliation aspect too?

Of course. Otherwise the exploding donkey would have been my favorite.

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