If you think you won’t be able to focus on anything but the nonsense

It’s never nonsense. Memes are like…dwarf mine graffiti. A way to see what the mood is of certain groups. Any image has a certain context and a meaning to it. You could post the image and leave out the caption and someone else who “speaks” meme will know exactly what it is you tried to communicate.

And then there’s just images to study for the sake of the story captured.

Like this one — I am sure you’ve seen it;

There’s 3 stories straight off; sir Ian’s, the woman’s and the observer’s. I love this picture I have spend a lot of time studying it— the body language, Sir Ian’s expression.

The odd thing is that an image like this, doesn’t stay with me as an image but a feeling. Or a bunch of feelings. I didn’t remember until I pulled it out of my folder again that the woman was wearing brown boots.

When I was looking at that lizard I told you about before, I remember in that moment feeling very strongly (disgust) but it stayed with me as a bunch of images. I remember a lot of random details. Probably also because I knew it would be gone. I don’t have a reference to pull back up like the picture.

Yeah sure I could start to multitask, but would that make for a lot of fuzzy mind images because part of my attention is taken up by a screen full of interesting things? Interesting, but not that high on a priority because they can wait. It’s recorded. I can pull it up whenever.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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