I’ve never before been this proud over something this horrible

It’s a very strange experience. This story in it’s current form is shit. I am well aware it is shit. And I really couldn’t be more proud. 46567 words as of yesterday evening. I’m going to make it! I’m going to ‘win’ my NaNoWriMo on my first attempt.

The shittyness of my writing is in large part due to me changing direction a couple of times while writing. And then there’s passages I just couldn’t get to flow. Bits that are little more than *this is going to happen* notes…I’m sure that when I’m done, I will have rewritten 4/5 of it. Yeah I’ll keep about 10.000 words of what I have now. That sounds about right.

But this is the most, both in words and time, I’ve ever spend in a single story. I have just proven to myself I can do that. — Okay I will prove it, in 3 days. And that’s something I am very proud of.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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