I’ve not had that much time to play around with it (I should be working my day job right now. Shhh)

But this is awesome, from my new front page:

Yup, if you follow “fiction” “shot story” and the likes, they will show up. All these stories are from people I don’t remember ever seeing. They are not recommended by people I follow, so that’s discovery and fiction in one. And better yet, I can see the tags before I open up the story. That’s been on my wishlist for a while. (Just in the tag section though.)

You can click on the header and your page will be nothing but stories tagged with tags you follow, which are not written by people you follow (those have their own header) or recommended by people you follow (those have their own header as well)

You can sort of customize your headers on the main page as well. Sort of, because while I was successful in getting rid of “politics” (way too US-oriented) I have not yet been able to get rid of “popular”. I’ve also not seen a way to put in custom headers (and yes, fiction would be my first choice. poetry my second).

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